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  • #kommraus – Forum Öffentlicher Raum

    16. Mai 2019 10:00 bis 18. Mai 2019 23:55

What is public space? It is the place where the public connects, outside of their house and office. It is what happens when you close your front door and see what happens next. It is our shared, collective home. It is a democratic, sometimes surprising, often entertaining and lively place where your city becomes a city, and not just a collection of individuals.

The City of Vienna is interested in further improving the way that public space works in Vienna. So they have produced a strategy paper on the subject. But so that more people in the city can understand the ideas in the document, they are creating a three-day Forum in May 2019, to explore and celebrate Vienna public space. The event will be curated by three independent curators: Beatrice Stude, a freelance city-planner; strategic communications consultant Florian Lorenz, and Eugene Quinn, urbanist and DJ.

The #kommraus – Forum Öffentlicher Raum wants to reach a general audience, using good storytelling, strong images, and experimental formats. We will do this with diverse events, including theatre, play, talks and debates, art, food, walks, music and dance.

Although we all experience public space every day, most people are not familiar with the concept – and think about it rarely. We aim to make it more visible. How does city development affect people? Which kind of city do we want to live in, in the future?

Our choice of the word Forum is important, since we want maximum participation, open interactive debate, and solutions-focused processes. We want to make crowdsourcing into a more physical, less digital experience.

Historically, public space was where people gathered to socialise, shop and engage in politics. This kind of tradition, where we come together and enjoy public space, helps to build a sense of belonging. Urban walking is in itself a celebration of public space. And even more so, when an engaged group of citizens walk through their own town together – so the Forum features around 20 tours of new public space in Vienna. These range from a smells tour to midnight walks, an inclusive and barrier-free adventure and even a long march to every district in one day.

See you from 16-18 May, for so many new urban adventures in Vienna.

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