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  • Munich Ugly

    6. Sep 2016

After Freddy Quinn, Red Bull and David Alaba, the latest Austrian export to Germany is Vienna Ugly. To Muenchen. And not all the locals are happy. Eugene Quinn was called an Inselaffen (island monkey, or ignorant person) in the local newspaper, Abend Zeitung. The tour was always about a provocation, and that is how it should be understood.

After the success of our first tour (Sept2016), with 120 participants walking for 3 hours in hot sun, and looking at the touristy, rich and cliche images of central Munich (crowdsourced by readers of Sueddeutsche Zeitung), this second tour is more of a risky experiment. The city government has selected the places we will visit – a brave move – and will accompany us to explain how they were developed, and what plans they have to change them in future. In this sense, the walk is the start of a lobby to improve this poor neighbourhood: Neu Aubing, in the west of the city.

The tour is a form of consultancy, to focus on a neglected district, and explore how it can be better designed. And of course the public will join us, to contribute to the debate.

When Eugene Quinn first visited Munich to research the tour, he had never spent more than 3 hours in the city. Everything was new. When tourists visit a city, and look for the beautiful parts, they are usually easy to find. But if you go looking for ugly, there are no guides and so in many ways, you get to know the city much better, with real concentration and focus. You carve out your own version of the city, away from the cliches (or at least reimagining them), seeking out the dark side. And often heading into unknown suburbs.

Meeting point: 22.03.2017, 16:00-18:30 (and then the debate continues in an ugly local bar)
Bus Stop: Überlinger Weg (Line 162)


The tour is organised in cooperation with the City-planning and Construction departments of Munich City Council, and Green City Project.

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