23. Juni 2018 14:00 bis 20:00
As part of the Kasper Kinder Kunst Festival, Eugene Quinn will lead a walk for children (+/-8 years old), looking at Seestadt from their perspective, discovering their secret places to hide away and have adventures. A second theme will be ecology and how to live sustainably for the future.
The Kasper Fest is designed to build community, identity, and to present progressive messages. It features parties, dance, live music, games, a free breakfast, and tours. Other groups involved in the fest include Dschungel, Klangforum, Seelab, Praterkasperl and Matthäus Bär.
Saturday, 23 June 2018, 10-20:00
Auf Deutsch
Meet: 14:00 First tour
17:00 Second Tour
Meeting point: Hannah Arendt Platz, 1220.
(U2 Seestadt)
More details: http://www.kasperfestival.at/
And later on, Eugene will play dj, with music to make 8 year olds jump around and go crazy.
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