• Geschichten des Westgürtels

    3. April 2019 17:00 bis 19:30

There are 10 focus areas in Vienna, which receive investment from the EU, and face fast population growth and some social challenges. We are cooperating with the Planning Department of Vienna City Council and Plansinn in focusing on one of these districts, the Westgürtel. Eugene has been making presentations and leading adventures through the Viertel. After a summer tour called Secrets (Geheimnisse) of the Westguertel and an Autumn exploration of some Faces (Gesichter) of the Westgürtel, now it’s time for our spring walks, first Stories (Geschichten) of the Westguertel, and then a Smells (Gerüche) of Westguertel (28/5, 17Uhr, U6 Alser Str).

The Stories tour is a different way of getting to know a district. Instead of focusing on the usual architectural highlights, we want to hear about real life in the district in 2019, about the characters who bring it to life, the feel of the streets, the sounds and rhythm of this part of west Vienna. It is dominated by the Outer Ring Road, which slices it in two, but also provides arches which have become a hub of creativity, music, food and entrepreneurial energy. the district is younger and more fun than most others in Vienna, with lower rents and many of languages spoken in local bars and squares. Since we have already looked at the North and South of the focus area, this time we will look at some of the best-known elements there, like Mahü, the main library in the city, and Yppenplatz.

The Grunderzeitwestgürtel Zielgebiet stretches from Donaukanal down to Wiental, is densely-populated with little green space, and has the same population as Salzburg, in an area 10 times smaller than that city.

Meet: Wednesday, 3 April 2019, at 5pm
Place: 6., Ecke Gumpendorfer Straße/Wallgasse (U6 Gumpendorfer Strasse)
No registration needed.

Guide: Eugene Quinn (0680 1254354)

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