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  • Der grösste Walk durch Wien

Come and explore your city like nobody ever has before. Our walk will take us along at least one street in every one of the 23 Wiener Gemeindebezirke. And we will post photographs and live updates of our progress online, so that you can join us anywhere along the route (or call Eugene on 0680 1254354 to find out where we are throughout the day). Along the way, we will tell stories and share our experiences in each District. This is the ultimate Vienna walk.

space and place was proud to team up with the Wir sind Wien festival for this event, for its first three years. Now we are organising it as part of the much bigger #kommraus – Forum Öffentlicher Raum, a celebration and exploration of the contemporary public realm in Vienna.

It’s a crazy idea, and we are not sure if we will make it in one day, but we’ll certainly try. Why? Adventure. And fun. It’s about really knowing the city, exploring it and making connections between different districts. To really belong to the city is a special feeling. It is something to tell your friends and colleagues when they ask you what you did on the weekend. We will walk in any weather, and will go anti-clockwise. At the end, we will take a survivors‘ picture! Singles welcome. Wir sind Wien!

Sunday, 12th May, 2019

Meeting Point: 10am, U4 Kettenbrückengasse, exit: Kettenbrückengasse (which is on the Naschmarkt).

In case you want to join us later, for part of the walk, you are welcome to call Eugene anytime on 0680 1254354, or connect with us at one of these 2 cafes:

12:45 Uhr, Toni’s Kaffeehaus (20., Donaueschingenstr. 22, nahe U6-Station Dresdner Straße)

16:30 Uhr, Café-Bistro Jedermann (12., Stüber-Gunther-Gasse 2, nahe U6-Station Tscherttegasse)

But please be patient as we cannot say exactly when we will arrive at these 2 points. For more info, call Euge.

Cost: Free

Registration: None. Just be there.