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  • Vienna all’Italiana

After successful walks of Russian and British influences into Vienna, we turn from east and west to our Southern neighbour, and explore the productive cultural dialogue between Italy and Vienna.

With this walk we will show that Austrians’ favourite holiday destination, Italy, is closer than you think. In fact it is right here, available for free, without any expensive hotel bookings, or Covid complications. Come and see a new – and old – side of your home town.

Vienna is a Roman creation, and that exchange of ideas continues to this day, with architecture, ice cream, fashion, Südtirol, some language and plenty of migrants in both directions. From opera and classical music to literature and restaurants, how can we tell that the Italians have been in our city? And what is the relationship between the Viennese and their Italian migrants?

How are the politics of the two countries playing with each other?

Our lively summer walk will not be scared to talk about cliches, religion, politics, Salvini.. or bad coffee in Vienna.

This walk has brought us back into conflict with the Kammer. They decided that our walk about the Italian influence in Vienna was illegal, since we are not officially qualified to be tour guides. Even though three different Austria Guides immediately saw what a good idea we have developed, and have now copied the idea, successfully. This is always a sign that we are doing something good for Vienna, when others copy. This is such a Vienna story, of envy, incompetence, and aimless rules.

This walk is part of a larger project, the Vienna Walking Week, where we want to show you that it is not necessary to travel to encounter the strange, exciting, dynamic and new. Ci’vediamo.

Date: Sat., 3 Oct, 2020

Time: 14-16:30

Duration: 2.5 hours. We walk in every weather.

Meeting point: Minoritenkirche, Minoritenplatz (1010), U3 Herrengasse or Trams: 1, 71, D Burgtheater

Cost contribution: €10 per person. Children 14 or under come free. Just be there on time. No walk is ever sold out, so don’t worry about missing the walk.

Language: German

Capo di Capi: Eugenio