• VWW: Lost Places – Joy of Freudenau

    24. Juli 2020 12:00 bis 15:00

In response to the cliché summer idea, that you need to escape the city and the country, we want to show how exotic and beautiful Vienna can be.

This walk takes you to a Rosamunde Pilcher Vienna full of trees, horses, peacocks and silence in Wien 2! There is no need to take an airplane to experience another world – you can do it at home. This place is extremely romantic, but rarely visited. Come and discover the joys of Freudenau.

And it is an opportunity to explore Vienna’s close relationship with horses. These beautiful beasts are much more visible here than in other cities, from the Spanish Riding School and Fiakers, through the Trabrennbahn and Freudenau, and this continues right up to the point where you eat them as Kaese Leberkaese – or even worse, let Herbert Kickl find new uses for them.

Horses are used as a metaphor for many things, from horsepower and nightmare, to Pegasus and the legendary Bierkavalier on U6. We will look at this symbolism on our Friday afternoon sunny stroll.

More details will be posted soon.

Meeting point: U2 Donaumarina, exit: Wehlistrasse

Tourreiter: Eugene Quinn

Date: Friday, 24th July

Time  12:00 – 15:00

Language: deutsch

Cost 10 € p.P.