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  • VWW: Favoriten jetzt

This is a walk exploring the biggest district in Austria, by population. If Favoriten was a city, it would be the fourth biggest in Austria. 200,000 people live here. And you feel it while you walk around. This is a part of Vienna which is young, loud, musical, diverse and changing fast. But Favoriten has been changing for 200 years, and we like it that way.

Favoriten is – along with Ottakring and the Inner City – the most-famous city district in Austria. The reasons for this fame include the Ankerbrotfabrik, FC Austria Wien, Cabaret show Christoph & Lollo, the Boehmischer Prater, Hauptbahnhof, Gugumuck Snails and many wine producers, the legendary Tichy Ice cream shop, Amalienbad, the new Sonnwendviertel and Bohemian brickmaking tradition. This working-class part of town is full of character and atmosphere.

Eugene invites you to explore his favourite part of the city, and one which is less-explored. What makes the 10th so special? He sees parallels between the language and culture of south Vienna and the east end of London – home of the cockneys. It is proud, distinctive and has its own thing going on (unlike Penzing, Landstrasse or Simmering).

There is an energy and flow of people around Viktor Adler Markt and the station which is missing in many other parts of the city. It is dynamic and electric, lively and sometimes wild. We will discuss the challenges of building a new district like Sonnwend, and see how the eastern and western parts of this quarter are different. Pedestrianised Favoritenstrasse, from Reumannplatz up to Columbusplatz is just as good street theatre as Yppenplatz or Donaukanal (Eugene calls this Felliniesque phenomenon street capital). Other lively places we will visit are MA 17 (the excellent city department responsible for integration and diversity) on Keplerplatz, and the smells and mix of ideas on the market – including an imaginative Caritas-run community centre. And Helmut Zilk Park is one of the best and most fun in all Vienna, with an unusual playground and great views of intercity trains and the Arsenal.

What challenges does the district face?

The U1 southern extension is opening up Südfavoriten, right out to the Therme, and on the way, we will explore street art, Kreta, an abandoned elevated road with big views across Vienna – a High Line for Wien. Also the Brotfabrik, Böhmischer Prater, Per Albin Hanson Siedlung and the first new Gemeindebau to be built in Vienna for 20 years (Barbara Prammer Hof). How has the look and lifestyle of social housing changed, since the turn of the new century? At the end, we will enjoy a glass of G’mischter Satz in a special Heurige.

Language: freestyle Deutsch

Cost contribution: €10. Children 14 or under go free. No reservation is possible – just get a card on the day. No tour is ever sold out, so don’t worry about not getting a place on the walk.

Meeting Point: in front of Tichy Eis, Reumannplatz (U1 Reumannpl.)

Time: 16-21 (5 hr walk – but you can leave earlier if that is too much). We walk in every weather.

Date: Thursday 23 July 2020

Bummelmeister: Eugene Quinn

Fidelia Gartner (TU Wien Raumplanung/ISRA) and Lisa Fuchs (Max Planck Institute) finely translated these pages into German, added ideas, and helped select the images. Thanks to them for their valuable input.