• TED Talk – Walking and Creativity

    12. Juli 2017 15:00 bis 17:00

Modern life is always-on and over-stimulated. We need more time to think and reflect, away from screens. So Eugene will explore the way thinkers – from Aristotle to Steve Jobs – have used city walks as both inspiration and research. Why do most people choose green spaces for walking, instead of opting for people and life and street theatre? Architecture and little details can provide plenty of ideas to bounce off. Also meeting friends or strangers, and the smells of a big city. Walking provides stories, and we all love to share those. It makes the blood low to your brain, keeps you healthy and engaged, and helps to build stronger communities. What makes for optimum urban strolling – music, maps & a picnic, or just freestyle roaming in a good pair of shoes?


TED Talk 2 (VOLKSTHEATER, Oct16): Walking and Creativity