• Energy Cities 2020

    20. Mai 2020 16:00 bis 22. Mai 2020 22:00

Energy Cities is one of the groups doing the most in a post-Great Thunberg world, to convert Europe into a post-carbon environment. The energy transition will be a tough and sustained campaign, and any group which celebrates the potential and trends in this brave new world will be necessary.

Please join us at this 2020 conference – moderated by Eugene Quinn of space and place – where new ideas will be shared.

This event points to where the new jobs will be, and introduces characters who are trying to save the world from climate catastrophe.

Heerlen is a Dutch city, part of the 300,000-strong Stadpark metropolis, near the frontier with Germany and Luxembourg – which has struggled to adapt to the loss of its coal industry. It is a symbolic place to bring together researchers, city-planners, NPOs and experts from renewable industries to share best-practice and build a toolbox for how to persuade reluctant citizens and politicians of the urgent need for change.

Energy Cities, a transnational group of 1000+ urban hubs in Europe, is pushing an ambitious energy-transition away from fossil fuels. It is run in an alternative way, using a Holacracy instead of traditional management systems. Holacracy is a method of organizational governance based on decentralized management, in which authority and decision-making are distributed throughout circles. Holacracy relies on collective intelligence, and avoids having an organisation under the influence of personal feelings or tempers of top managers.

Eugene has been asked to moderate a more experimental approach, avoiding bureaucracy, process and boring speeches with something more modern, productive and fun. He will also be DJ, make a night-tour of the city, organise a social-dining event connecting delegates and engaged locals, and make a presentation on urban walking’s role in mobility strategy. Please join us there, for lively and important debates.

22-24 April 2020

Heerlen, Netherlands