space and place is about urbanism. We communicate, walk, plant, cook and research with locals. We play with the city of Vienna, animating social spaces to bring all kinds of people together in unusual situations. space and place takes risks and people enjoy it.

We seek change through new techniques, bringing the Viennese together in play and art. We attempt small social interventions to make important new connections across the city. To engage people with ideas. The five of us value bright, adventurous communication. By using elements that ease interactions – encouraging ‘social capital’ – we’re more likely to recreate the rich social landscape and spaces we intuitively love. Really belonging to a city is a special feeling

We celebrate diversity: space and place is about opening up conversations in Vienna, often using humour to make serious points. We are interested in celebrating the power and potential of local communities around the city. Integration is more complex and interesting than the current focus on mixing up Muslims and black people into local life; we see it also as older people meeting youngsters, gays sitting down to chat with straights, rich meeting poor, right with left, women meeting men…

We hope our website can be a hub for dialogue and a forum to explore new initiatives. As outsiders and also residents, we celebrate what is great about our city. The spirit of our project is expressed through some of our events: free bus tours where less-discovered quarters are celebrated with four very different residents as guides, encouraging dialogue; focusing on a neglected square and bringing cultural events that bring locals together with good music, food and art; a social dining series where you meet a stranger with a menu of questions and interesting local food. Life should be more about enjoyment than endurance!

We can all make a difference, in small ways, so that life is more social and colourful. Lets all be rebellious optimists, looking for solutions instead of problems. We at space and place hope to meet many of you at future events.

We are rebellious optimists. This is our manifesto…   (work in progress)

One of the things we like about Vienna is …